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Volunteering is the best way to become part of a community, become immersed in a culture, learn new skills, and define career paths. At EcuEVP we offer a variety of volunteer opportunities to suit the needs of each potential participant. The most popular volunteer programs we offer are at animal rescue centers, wildlife conservation projects, at schools, homeless children centers, at orphanages, on community tourism programs or sustainable agriculture projects. However, we are happy to arrange other placement types upon demand should you have specialist skills you would like to gain or contribute.
The vast majority of Ecuadorians do not speak English, not even many English teachers, so it is ideal that volunteers have at least a beginner’s level of Spanish so they can communicate with host communities and the local staff, especially on social projects. Volunteers that have at least basic Spanish skills generally get much more out of their experience than those who do not. Basic Spanish lessons can be organized prior to volunteer placements at an extra cost should participants desire.
To be able to help in the best way, each volunteer has the chance to choose what kind of project they want to take part of after their ability and experience. The projects are mainly within education, childcare, women shelter, environmental and sport but if there is anything special that you think you could help with , we can arrange special placements as well.

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