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Exchange & Volunteer Programs


Who are we?

Ecuador Exchange is a grassroots Ecuadorian NGO that was founded in the 1990s, specializing in community service programs and adventure.

Our mission is to positively impact the lives of underprivileged people in rural communities of Ecuador whilst guiding and empowering our international visitors to create lasting change.

We provide a wide range of opportunities to discover this beautiful country and its incredible nature, culture and its people, whether it be living with a family, helping worthwhile social and environmental projects or on custom-made tours to meet all your needs in order to enjoy the diverse ecosystems and cultures Ecuador has to offer.

Volunteer Experiences

01 - Volunteer

02 - Group customized Trips


Our goal is of course to provide support to local projects through volunteers that comes to help them in their daily tasks but equally important is that participants get to experience daily Ecuadorian live while locals at the same time can learn something from other countries and cultures, exchange in both ways.

It is also our wish that participants feel that they get the chance to learn and practice Spanish, as language is the most important skill you can have to communicate and build bridges between people and cultures.

Limits and Rewards

There are not too many limits to what you can do and experience in Ecuador, more than your own, and it is up to you to overcome them. We have seen so many participants coming to Ecuador with limited or no Spanish at all, but they made an effort to learn and were not shy to do mistakes or to talk to people, and they have had a great experience.

Don’t let the cultural and language difficulties be an obstacle, and you will experience a completely different life, meet friends and help out while having fun and learning Spanish.

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Ecuador Exchange - Exchange and Volunteer Programs

Exchange & Volunteer Programs