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Internships are professional learning experiences that offers meaningful, practical work related to a student's field of study or career interest. At EcuEVP we provide a variety of internship options mainly in the fields of marketing, journalism, conservation, medicine and veterinary medicine, though we are able to arrange other placements upon request.
To enrol as an intern with us, it is important to have an intermediate level of Spanish to be able to communicate with placement leaders and colleagues.
Though not always essential, it may also be necessary to have some experience and education within the field depending on which internship you choose.
Should you desire an internship placement and only have basic Spanish skills and little or no experience in the designated field, we will do our best to arrange a placement for you, though the level of responsibilities and the potential to develop will be initially limited until the necessary Spanish skills are attained. Spanish lessons can be organised prior to internship placements at an extra cost should participants desire.
All Potential Interns

All Potential Interns

All potential interns will need to send an application email and fill in an application form. Some internship placements require a CV to demonstrate key skills, and may also require an online interview.

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